Who is Wise?

,בֶּן זוֹמָא אוֹמֵר: אֵיזֶהוּ חָכָם, הַלּוֹמֵד מִכָּל אָדָם
.שֶׁנֶּאֱמַר (תהלים קיט) מִכָּל מְלַמְּדַי הִשְׂכַּלְתִּי כִּי עֵדְוֹתֶיךָ שִׂיחָה לִּי

Ben Zoma says: Who is the wise one? One who learns from all, as it says, “I have acquired understanding from all my teachers.
Mishnah Avot 4:1

Wise aspires to lift the discourse of the Reform Jewish world by featuring the finest Torah of the students of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.

We want to celebrate Torah in its broadest sense, showcasing excellent Jewish ideas in all forms of expression, opening the world of torah with fresh eyes, ears, hearts, and minds.

Our goal is to provide students a forum in which they can share their wisdom with each other, with the College-Institute, with the Reform Movement, and with the world.

Wise is generously funded by a grant from the Be Wise Fellowship in Jewish Entrepreneurialism.

Editorial Board

Editor in Chief and Co-Founder: Dan Ross, Rabbinical Student | New York City


Meir Bargeron, Rabbinical Student | Los Angeles

Taylor Baruchel, Rabbinical Student | Cincinnati

Hilly Haber, Rabbinical Student | Los Angeles

Danielle Rodnizki, Cantorial Student | New York City


Rabbi Rachel Heaps | New York City (Graduated)

Jesse Paikin, Rabbinical Student | New York City

Jade Sank, Rabbinical Student | New York City